Domain setup with Freenom

I tried to set a domain name for my Jekyll page, but i encountered some problems. At the end i managed to somehow set the domain with the page (just added the domain name in the Github pages settings). Sadly when i entered from the domain to the page, the website wasn’t being displayed properly. It is possible that i messed things up, but i am not familiar with these kind of things.

Is there anyone who has used this service before ? A simple tutorial or something, would help out a lot too.

what is the url to the website and to the repo? usually this is the css not displaying for one reason or another. the site is being displayed through some iframe or something (responding form the phone so i can’t check right now).

i looked at it and it looked fine - not sure what the issue is. I do see it looks like there is an iframe, not sure why that is. I’m thinking that is a freenom thing.

Check it on mobile, it displays like a desktop and it shouldn’t.

Hi, have you solved your problem? If not - you can check this repo
When I bought the domain I had to add a CNAME file, which you commit directly to the repo. Inside you put the name of your domain without spaces or new lines.