Stripe integration - Flatmarket, webtask, alternatives?

Looking to integrate Stripe to a Jekyll site to enable payments.

Could anyone who did it share their setup?
I’ve found

Has anyone found other alternatives?
Could you share a link to your setup or repo?

Very much looking forward to some inspiration!
Happy Friday ahead!

Look at Jekyll Codex. It contains code for a webshop using Mollies Paylink service. It has a 50 euro cent fee per payment.

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you can use AWS Lambda for the stripe backend, I have done this for a simple payment form - not a cart, just a way for me to send an email to someone with a link that takes them to my jekyll site, from there the form hands off to the lambda function. Works greats for my purposes.

If you aren’t up to coding it I would think you could find someone on upwork or the like to do it for a modest fee.

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Thanks @rdyar and @jhvanderschee for the pointers. Will explore :pray:

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You could also look at Trolley.
It’s a new JS cart designed for static & JAMstack sites and it works great with Jekyll.

It’s commercial (again, 2%) but we do negotiate different rates for high volumes, or when we’re working with agencies where we can do a revenue share of some sort as a kind of affiliate benefit.

(Disclaimer: I’m the author!)