I want add payment accept method

I have a Jekyll website. It has a booking page. I want to use this site squareup.com to accept money. Can it be done that way? If so, I need your guidance to do so. Thank you


Jekyll outputs plain HTML and any CSS or JS you want.

If the service you mentioned can work on the frontend only to handle payment and then mail you in the background to say payment is done and then take the user to a thank you page then it will be fine.

If the service requires any backend like Node/PHP/Python server or API, then no Jekyll alone can’t help you.

You may be lucky that a service like Netlify provides easy Jekyll hosting plus a serverless Lamba-based Netlify Function which means you could get a backend API server in effect and that can handle payment integrators.

You haven’t said whether payment is for buying a service or product or unlocking restricted areas of the site with paid membership. What is your plan there? That also makes a difference on how you do things.

I used Auth0 and Netlify Functions recently to set up server side logic to put Auth protection around API endpoints, for graphing data on my Jekyll site.

Read the docs of the service to tell you how it integrates.

Also compare some services. Stripe is the typical choice.

Do some searches for squareup or stripe plus “static html” or “serverless” or “netlify” and maybe you’ll find some tutorials.

You might not find anything specific to serverless / Functions. But if you find a tutorial requiring API with a classic server, you can probably replace that with Netlify Function. If there is any state though like a database layer then that is another problem to solve for serverless and server alike

If you haven’t used Functions before