Stripe integration tutorial

Hi all,

I have a site using Stripe currently, very simple and quick. I used to get the Stripe payments to work, but it doesn’t appear to allow me to limit the amount of transaction?

I wondered if anyone had a good tutorial for integrating stripe directly, hence I would be able to restrict the amount of transactions?



Hey @grantsmith it looks like you can designate the amount with commence payments. According to the snippet they provided


Where 2000 === $20 since the value is in cents. Is this what you’re talking about?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the responce. No, the value is fine. I need to only sell 20 slots. So when the amount is reached, no one else can purchase a slot. This is a built in function of Stripe, so it’s a little weird Commence Payments doesn’t on the face of it allow this function?

Oh I gotcha. Maybe reach out to them and see if they can support it? Otherwise you’d have to fire up a server to handle Stripe transactions. Stripe has something called Checkout but it only generates a token which would be used on a server to actually create the charge.

Have you heard of Gumroad? It’s been a while since I’ve used them but I believe you can limit the seats/quantity of an item. There’s also Plasso but unsure if you can limit seats and quantity.

Thanks Micheal,

Yes I sent them a support request, but there is no reply at present. Do Gumroad and Plasso integrate with a Jeykll website?

Not particularly Jekyll but it should be a snippet of JavaScript code that you can add to Jekyll and deploy. Both services exist with the idea that you don’t have to roll your own server to handle transactions. It just integrates into your existing codebase/site.


On they are promoting Stripe as an e-commerce solution for Jekyll, I’m a little surprised that there isn’t more information available on this?

@grantsmith Did you find out how to limit transactions? I see you’re using the commence button now.

Hi @turnage,

Sorry no, never did, the issue is that Commence Payments doesn’t appear to support the feature. If you find anything. Please let me know

Snipcart works fine with Jekyll for E-commerce: