Short guide to create a newsletter for Jekyll

I know it’s hard with static site to keep a list of subscribers and send them a newsletter. But it’s not impossible :slight_smile:

Here, I share a guide to have a newsletter, using an RSS feed and RssFeedPulse

Enable your RSS feed

An RSS feed is a simple text file that contains your latest blog posts in XML format. It’s a standard format that allows other websites and services to read your content.

You can generate an RSS feed automatically using a plugin like jekyll-feed in 3 steps

Step 1: Add the jekyll-feed Plugin

First, add this line to your site’s Gemfile:

gem 'jekyll-feed'

Step 2: Configure the Plugin

Then, add this line to your site’s _config.yml:

    - jekyll-feed

Step 3: Install the Plugin

Finally, run bundle install to install the plugin.

bundle install

The plugin will automatically generate an Atom feed at /feed.xml.

Create a campaign on RssFeedPulse
Then, it’s possible to use RssFeedPulse to create a newsletter.
You have to register and create a campaign.
You have to give the url of your feed when creating a new campaign

Add a form to collect subscribers

Then you can add a form for users to subscribe.
You have to insert a form, either in the footer, or after any content (like a blog page)
You can copy paste the markup from RssFeedPulse

And, that’s all. Every new blog posts will appear in the RSS feed, RssFeedPulse will read it and send an email to your subscribers