How to dynamic Newsletter form with jekyll?

how can i do this form workable with Jekyll?

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By integrating with a 3rd party that can handle the form submission for you.

I’ll try & thanks for suggestion.

this is one of the use-cases why we are currently building, it will allow you to drag and drop post from Jekyll and create newsletters out of it. We would really appreciate some feedback from you guys!

I might be interested in giving it a try… @kgoedecke ,yet, the website you mentioned, seems to be non reachable ?

Set up a mail chimp account so you can email subscribers

Then set up a subscribe button - mailchimp gives you code to copy and paste.

Yes @MichaelCurrin , the simplest approach… indeed.

I was just curious about Postbear

Yet, i’m experimenting with my own Newsletter ‘machinery’ … as per my costumer privacy request , with

  • PHP List

  • Mailtrain

(i need to setup lots of dettails in the server like SPF, DMARC… etc in order to avoid been marked as spam, mmh ).

We’ll see…

This is precisely why I built :feather:

Since you already have a form ready, you can start collecting emails literally in seconds, for free.

Weightless also supports sending out emails to your subscribers on a paid plan.