[solved] How to? Published post --> New Mailchimp newsletter issue out with post in body

Wondering if anyone has automated the workflow to send out a new newsletter issue with each new published post?

Intended workflow:

  1. Setup a newsletter template in Mailchimp
  2. Write post in Jekyll Powered blog
  3. Publish post
  4. Mailchimp automatically sends out a new newsletter issue with the post in the email body, using the template that has been setup.

Has anyone made that automation work (with IFTTT, Zapier, custom script, any open source goodies?) Any pointers here?

Yes. Simply use the RSS feed to trigger the e-mail with the RSS Campaign in Mailchimp. You’ll need to make sure that your Jekyll site is creating an RSS feed.


Awesome. Had missed out on Mailchimp already having that automation in place. Thanks @arretx, appreciate the sharing.

We recently started working on www.postbear.io which will allow you to send automated newsletters from Jekyll posts. It would be great to get some feedback from you.