Updating blog posts in a Jekyll- and RSS-friendly manner

Hi all. I am moving my website to Jekyll, and have some questions about the best ways to use Jekyll to achieve what I want.

Sometimes I write blog posts that are truly tied to a single day, and will likely not be updated in the future. However, I often write things that I intend to keep updating – for example, a list of my favorite podcaster’s best episodes. This seems weird to do as a blog post, as I know that it will be updated in the future! However, it’d be nice to rely on the existing blogging machinery.

Specifically, the behavior I would like to see is:

  • These posts show up in my feed (on the site, and in the RSS)
  • Updates to the post also show up on the feed (ideally, making it obvious that it was just updated, not posted brand-new)

Does anyone know what a Jekyll-like way to support these types of posts would be? Should I just make them blog posts? Perhaps I could use collections?

Date related documents I’d make _posts, everything else either pages or a collection.

For the feed you could iterate over site.posts, site.pages, and or site.collection_name to get everything into a single .xml feed, or create feeds for each.