Site Generation: How to only generate RSS feed?

I want to have a personal RSS feed that I can add whatever items I want to. Jekyll’s Markdown -> XML engine is really stellar, and I’d rather use that than reinvent it in bash. Is there an easy way to get Jekyll to only generate the RSS feed, and not the site to go along with it?

The RSS feed generated by default has links to the corresponding blogposts, but I think that removing those would be as simple as dropping the <link> line from the default feed.xml.

I understand that I could just make the site files not browse-able from the Internet, but I’d rather they just not be generated at all.

not 100% sure I understand, but can’t you just delete all the other files? a bare bones jekyll site could be as simple as a config.yml file (could even be empty probably) and a single file with front matter. Maybe a layout folder and file as well.

setting published: false in a document’s front matter will not process that document into the destination directory.

title: Hidden document
published: false

Or simply place all documents to be hidden in a folder with a name starting with an underscore. That directory contents wont be processed until you declare the directory as a collection in your config file.