How to get a front matter item to populate in jekyll rss feed (for a podcast site)

I am using jekyll-feed plugin with my jekyll site and it by default renders a fairly good xml document. However, I need one of the custom items in my posts’ front matter to also render out in the feed. Is there a way to specify my added front matter item should be included in the rss feed? My reading of this issue suggest that perhaps it’s not possible to do this with jekyll-feed?

If not, would I have to manually build a RSS feed xml document as detailed here?

In my case, I have a mp3 file for each post (it’s a podcast blog with each post having one audio file specified in the front matter) that I need to be in the rendered feed.

So for example, my front matter looks like this:

layout: episode
episode-number: Ep. 5
title:  "Hello World" 
date:   2021-06-05 08:00:20 -0400
display-date: June 6th, 2021
categories: Episode
description: "This is an episode test."
fileLink: ""

It sounds like what you want is not supported by the gem and the issue is not getting fixed.

Yeah you can make your own RSS file from the tutorial.

Here is the gem’s actual XML file if you want to see what it does.

You could also fork the plugin and add to it and use it your projects. If you have the Ruby skills to extend it. You might even be able to extend the xml file in the plugin without having to add to the Ruby bits.

Thank you, this is helpful. I don’t have any previous experience in ruby but i’ll take a look and see if that looks like something i could add.