How integrate jekyll-feed and Feedburner

In order to get statistics on my rss feed ( e.g. how many subscribers I have ) , I created a feedburner rss url for my site.

Jekyll: 4.1
RSS Plugin: jekyll-feed
Theme: minima
Feedburner URL:

What I’d like to do is advertise the feedburner URL on my site so that it what subscribers will use, that way I’ll be able to collect and analyze statistics.

I pretty new to this, so I don’t know

  1. If it’s possible.
  2. How to do it.

Google hasn’t turned up any useful information on this topic , I thought I’d ask the Jekyll community.

Let me know if I need to add information to this post for it to be answered.

Thank you for reading.

In the jekyll-feed documentation it describes a _config.yml setting which I believe will do what you want.

  path: ""

I made that change and I see that

  • feed.xml no longer exists.
  • minima theme still creates an rss link to the feed.xml file.
  • there isn’t another xml file , except for sitemap.xml in the _site/ folder after a restart.

You might be on the right track. I’m working on the email newsletter for my site now( domain forwarding, mailchimp ) right now. I’ll return to the feedburner issue after that.

I need a feed.xml for Feedburner to read, but I want users to subscribe ( and RSS search engines like Feedly’s “add content” search ) to use the feedburner URL. At least, I think that is what needs to happen for me to get rss feed stats.