[SOLVED] Atom Feed is not generating with proper styling but plain text

Hello, in my @mmistakes based ( Basically Basic) current Blog

i’m not getting RSS Feed properly stylized but plain text, when clicking the RSS icon here.


what am i missing here ?

Looks fine to me. Try a different browser for right click and view source.

Or use wget or curl

curl URL

Make sure to get URL and build for production to avoid localhost in your feed or it will be invalid.

I have info here to help.

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By the way, an Atom feed (what your file is) is not the same as an RSS feed (what you described it as).

The jekyll-feed plugin generates an Atom feed and says that this is the new and preferred standard.

I guess the RSS button can stay the same on your site. But just be aware that your file is not an RSS file. And feed.xml is what the plugin uses rather than atom.xml.

Fine … yeah, as @benbalter says, you could look at Atom as a RSS v3.0 … yet we are talking about Atom here, indeed.

Turn off all extensions in your browser. Reload.