Moving Podcast from WP to Jekyll

Hi all,
I’m trying to move away from the bloated software WordPress, and moving trying to Move to Jekyll. I’m curious if there are certain ‘must have’ gems to include to make any theme podcast compatible? Or does it need to be coded for podcasts from the ground up?

If its the latter, what are currently considered the best podcasting themes? Would prefer something written in Bootstrap as its the UX I’m most familiar with.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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Hi there! I’m setting up my own podcast (it’s not publicized yet: don’t care too much about the content) with Jekyll, too.

It helped me a lot to copy some of the content in this repo:

In my case, I created a collection called _podcast and I created a custom RSS feed. Here’s the source code, if you’re interested:

If you’d like, I’d be very glad if you took a look at my podcast and my website. Tell me what you think!

I hope I’ve been useful.


Thanks! That’s what I needed!
I suppose I’d have to modify the theme to add web based players?

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Actually, no. The HTML <audio> tag handles everything by itself, but you can handle some parameters. Check this article for a better understanding:

I’m using the Minimal Mistakes theme, and while I added the podcast.html file to _layouts it doesn’t show the CSS if I mark an MD file as podcast. I even tried making it so that it was podcast posts which still didn’t do it.

I realize this may be a separate issue, but can anyone explain to me how to get my theme’s CSS on the podcast layout pages?