Can you export my wp site to jekyll and provide me the files setup in github hosting?

hello there,

I’m in the process of trying to migrate my wordpress site to jekyll with the idea oh hosting it with github pages.
After taking a month to finally be able to install the jekyll xport extension , turns out it doesn’t work .

I gave up the plugin and decided I could figure out how to change to syntax of my regular xmp wordpress export file to markdown. but turns out it is way too complex for a noobs like me.

I figured someone for whom this is easy to could do it for me in exchange for a little compensation .

I could send the xml wordpress export file and givetemporary admin access to my github to you until the site is up and running …

Would that be of intest for any of you (ps. bonus if youspeak french :wink: ?

Which plugin did you use?
jekyll-import is the official plugin to import Wordpress sites.

If it doesn’t work please report at Issues · jekyll/jekyll-import · GitHub

Thanks but that’s not really the info I ask.

I m using the official plugin , i did report my issue on your link but all this mess and complications lead me to give up the idea of doing this by myself and look for help .

I think there is a huge misunderstanding between us. You keep mentioning jekyll-export
Are you referring to this plugin :point_right: Jekyll Exporter – WordPress plugin |

That is not the plugin I am taking about.

the one I’m trying to use without success is by ben halter, it is the one I found from jekyll site.

If I’m asking for help in exchange for a contribution , it is because the page you linked, I came across already but it is like chinese to me . I have no idea on how to go about using such info …

I agree that you should consider what @ashmaroli suggests. You may or may not find people willing to do the work for you here, so if you find that to be a problem, I have had great success getting projects done like this on Fiverr. I did a quick search of “Wordpress to Jekyll” and found a few people.

This one seems to know the process, so you could chat with them and work out a price that is not just building the site, but migrating the content. Please note this is not in any way an advertisement and I am not recommending this person… just did a quick search to help you out.

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thanks I thought about this but I figured I would get more fans ofjekyll here :wink: looks like not really :slight_smile:

There are lots of fans of Jekyll and we are happy to help you, but I have not seen many people post projects that frequently

I don’t see your site linked here, and can’t tell how successful might be that conversion, or at least as close to what you want, so I have some points here:

  • Have you found a theme already?
  • What features your site has?
  • Are you aware that it will lose any dynamism from your previous site (especially hosting on Github)?
  • Are you aware that if you have to update it all alone in the future you must learn some basics about the git and Jekyll command line?

Although those questions are not strictly related to the XML > MD file conversion, their answers are important before starting any Jekyll project :slight_smile:

For those who are following along, Jekyll Exporter is described in this blog; 4 Steps To Migrate From WordPress To Jekyl and the full plugin is available here. It is important to note success depends on disabling all other WordPress plugins.