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Hi there.

I opened a thread for Jekyll themes and tricks which support the Zettelkasten system.

Check it out:

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Figs Tailwind Jekyll Theme

The theme is suitable for portfolios, personal blogs, showcasing projects etc.


Forever Jekyll is a simple, elegant & full featured Jekyll theme.

GitHub repo -

:trumpet::trumpet: Live Demo - :trumpet::trumpet:


Here are some of notable features of Forever Jekyll,

  • Simple, clean and distraction free layout.
  • Responsive theme design.
  • Mobile optimized theme.
  • Good looking and readable font stack.
  • Font Awesome icon set.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Sass/SCSS preprocessor support.
  • Privacy friendly commenting system (optional).
  • Privacy friendly analytics system (optional).
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Multimedia content (Video, Audio, Images, Playlists, Maps) embedding.
  • Lightbox for images and videos.
  • Math typesetting.
  • Diagrams and charts.
  • Social sharing buttons for over 10 social networks.
  • Page navigation (pagination).
  • Post navigation.
  • Post categories.
  • Post read time.
  • Site search.
  • RSS feed.
  • And last but not the least free hosting support (Via GitHub Pages) out-of-the-box.

:sob: I’m not good at screenshots so apologies for not posting a screenshot of the theme. :sob:

Shoutout to @ashmaroli. This theme is made with :heart: in Maroli, Gujarat, India.

BlogBox is a minimal, bold, responsive and easy to use theme for Jekyll.

Theme features:

  • Responsive layout – your blog will be accessible on various devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)
  • Clean, well commented code, easy to customize
  • Author information
  • Tag page support
  • Code syntax highlighter
  • Newsletter, latest posts and tag cloud widgets
  • Sharing post integration
  • Social media icons

Live demo GitHub repo

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Tokyo - Jekyll Personal Portfolio Theme

Tokyo is a stylish minimal one-page jekyll portfolio theme for Jekyll-powered websites. It comes with a handful of useful features, and customization is made easy with powerful options.


Check demo and details

Shane - Responsive Jekyll Portoflio Theme

Shane is a clean, creative, and responsive Jekyll portfolio theme created with simplicity, ease of use and beautiful typography in mind.

Live Demo Link

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Links - A Beautiful Jekyll Theme For Links

Link to the repo - GitHub - harsh98trivedi/links: A Beautiful Jekyll Theme For Links

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Screenshot - Website Home Page

When you visit the Pippim Website, which you can quickly rebrand as your own, the Home Page on GitHub Pages looks like this:

Pippim Introduction.png

Screenshot - Convert Stack Exchange to GitHub Pages

Parsing thousands of your posts on Stack Exchange, picking over a thousand of the best, and publishing them on your own GitHub Pages website, is as quick as this:

stack-to-blog progress display.gif


After seven years of posting answers in Stack Exchange it got to the point I couldn’t remember all the ones I had posted. So I created a website with all my good SE posts and excluding most of the questions which often are quite naive. The website gets hosted for free on GitHub Pages. The website is free from the distractions of Stack Exchange ads and promotional links.

The SE search engine uses an “AND” algorithm making it difficult to recall my own posts. So the Pippim site search engine uses an “OR” algorithm yielding better results.

The conversion program selectively inserts Table of Contents and Section Navigation Bars on larger posts and provides “Copy Code Block to System Clipboard” function when there are many lines requiring a scroll bar.

You can take the Pippim website, change a few lines and then instantly have your own website, with your own name, own catch phrase and all of your own Stack Exchange Posts.


MIT license.


Create a free website repository on GitHub Pages.

Clone the Pippim website.

Change Jekyll Front Matter in /_config.yml to your own brand:

theme: jekyll-theme-cayman
# The title: appears frequently on my pages. It's your company / personal name
title: Pippim
description: Free Open-Source Software for the World. Free of Ads Too!
# Link to content on the repo

Pull a copy of your new website to your local drive ~/website2.

Create a copy of ~/website2 (using cp command not git pull or git clone!) to a new directory ~/website:

Run the Stack Exchange Data Explorer query: All my posts on the SE network (with Markdown and HTML content plus editors and status)

Change to the directory ~/website/sede and run the script

More elaborate instructions with screenshots are documented on the Pippim Website


The website runs on any modern Browser except Internet Explorer.

The python programs to convert Stack Exchange to GitHub Pages will not run on an Android or Apple Smart Phone. Only Linux, Windows and Mac. You can change your website with a Smart Phone though.


You can drop a comment below this post. You can also:


The languages are Git, Jekyll, Liquid, Ruby, Kramdown, Rouge, SE Markdown, Stack Exchange Data Explore (SQL-like), Python, Sass, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript and Bash.

All the source code is on the Pippim Website

No one is needed to contribute to the code at this time. But if you have any suggestions please leave one below. You can also open an issue on the GitHub Pages repo.


There is much more to explore on the Pippim Website. Be sure to check out the “Answers” page and see the how a thousand Stack Exchange Posts are neatly organized and instantly accessed.

Keep in mind this is brand new technology (including the site search engine) and not as elegantly documented as it can be.

Dexfolio - A Creative Portfolio and Agency Jekyll Theme

Dexfolio is a creative portfolio Jekyll theme with multiple design options for individuals, personal websites, startups, design studios, and creative agencies.


  • Grade A in GTMetrix Speed Test
  • 37 total pages
  • 6 home page variations
  • 10 portfolio pages
  • 5 service pages
  • 7 blog pages
  • 5 contact pages
  • Trending style home pages
  • Based on 1170px grid system
  • Blog layout options
  • Super clean layout
  • Professional and creative design
  • Pixel perfect design
  • 100% fluid + responsive on any device
  • Beautiful colors
  • Fully customizable
  • Free Google Fonts

Description Url:
Live Demo Url:

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Hugle -

A personal site of blogs, writings and enthusiasms. The theme is generally dark and simple with minimal glorifications. What was interesting was getting responsiveness working well enough for mobile, tablet and laptop.

J1 Template - A multipupose Theme for Jekyll

J1 Template is fully configurable Jekyll Theme. The template combines
the best of open source software for the Web and the Web site generator
Jekyll. J1 is Open Source and the packaged modules as well.

No license issues for private or professional use.

Supported platforms

J1 is supported on all current x64-based (x64) OS:

  • Windows 10, build >= 1903
  • Windows WSL 2
  • Linux, Kernel version >= 4.15 (e.g. Ubuntu 18.x LTS)
  • OSX, version >= 10.10.5 (Yosemite)

Note that 32-bit versions (x32) are generally not supported for
all platforms.

Live Demo

The template comes with a Web included, a skeleton for your new Web site.
This Web is called the Starter Web, a general-purpose Website scaffold to be modified for your needs. Explore the Live Demo at Netlify to see what’s possible if you go to the Jekyll Way accompanied by J1!


The Ruby Gem is available at RubyGems for download. Alternatively, the J1 Template is available at Github to start using J1 by cloning this repo.


  • Fully Responsive. J1 Template supports modern web browsers on all
    devices for best results on PCs, Tablets, and SmartPhones.
  • Full Bootstpap V5 support. Current Technology and Design. Excellent
    performance running desktop and mobile websites. Use Jekyll One to
    present your content at its best.
  • Start in no time. No programming is needed to start using J1. The
    Template provides a large number of building blocks to create modern
    web pages in minutes.


  • Jekyll V4 support
  • Ruby V3 support
  • Asciidoc (Asciidoctor) and Markdown support
  • Asciidoctor plugins included
  • Bootstrap V5 (v5.2)
  • Responsive Design
  • Material Design
  • Responsive Text
  • Responsive HTML tables
  • Compressed HTML, CSS and Javascript support
  • Themes support (Bootswatch)
  • Icon Font support (MDI, FA, Iconify, Twitter Emoji)
  • Themeable source code highlighting (Rouge)
  • Desktop and Mobile Web and Navigation ready
  • Fully configurable
  • Highest Google Lighthouse scores

Modules and Extensions

  • Bootstrap extensions included
  • Bootstrap Themes Support included
  • Asciidoctor extensions included
  • Advanced Banners and Panels included
  • Source Code Hightlighter (Rouge) included
  • Smooth Srcoll support
  • Infine Srcoll support
  • Animate on Srcoll support
  • Full-text Search Engine included (Lunr)
  • Desktop Web Navigation included
  • Mobile Web Navigation included
  • Blog Post Navigation included
  • GDPR compatible Cookie Consent module included
  • Translator module (Google Translator) included
  • Master Header module included
  • Clipboard module included
  • TOC module included
  • Floating Action Buttons included
  • Lightbox module included
  • Gallery module included
  • Carousel module included
  • Slider module included
  • Video modules included

Addons and Integrations

  • Featured Example Content included
  • Royalty Free Images included
  • Asciidoc (Asciidoctor) and Markdown (Kramdown) support
  • Icon Fonts (FA, MDI, Iconify) included
  • Video Player (HTML, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion) included
  • Scalable Text Support
  • Comment Provider support (Hyvor and Disqus)
  • Google Analytics support
  • Support for Jupyter Notebooks
  • Deploy on Github Pages (source only), Netlify and Heroku ready

Chulapa -

A multi-purpose Jekyll theme template for GitHub Pages. It is packed with lots of features (search, comments, FontAwesome, MathJax, video support, SEO ready, code highlighting, breadcrumbs) and it is build on top of Bootstrap 4. The most notable feature IMHO is the +15 skins shipped with the template, that allows to change the look of the site with a single line in your _config.yaml file.

GitHub Repo:

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Jekyllised - Start Bootstrap Agency

I recently used the Agency template from Start Bootstrap, and thought I would publish a template for Jekyll. I would love feedback. I’ve tried to make it clean and useful. Does it work for people?

Demo Agency - Start Bootstrap Theme

Agency is one of the most popular HTML themes offered by Start Bootstrap. I have Jekyllised this theme to give developers a simple and clean starting template for Jekyll. This template is free and open source, released under the MIT license.


My jekyll theme . it is white and cute :slight_smile:
Star fork and use


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A minimal and super-lightweight, free Jekyll theme to create a single-page, link-in-bio website like Linktree or Later.

Demo: Links - Linkhub