Jekyll feature gone pure html master

My jekyll lost all the jekyll feature and became pure html.

It my be because the master branch deleted files incidentally?

Any help about how to sort this out?

Your bin script to deploy makes me think you accidentally deployed your master branch not just to gh-pages branch for publishing but overwrote master.

git checkout master
git log

Find the last commit which looks good ie was not made by deploy accidentally. Get the hash e.g. 123efgh

Then change your files to match that state.

git reset --hard 123efgh

Then do a git add on everything.

Then commit and push master

Regarding your other post I see you not using master but old-state. Though old-state still looks like a Jekyll project so maybe you fixed it already

For future I would recommended against that bin script

The traditional approach is to deploy to gh-pages and let Github build your site.

Or for custom gems and jekyll 4, using a Github Action which watches your master branch and builds to gh-pages but in the cloud so you don’t have to run locally. See the CI Github section in Jekyll docs resources

You can also use npm package gh-deploy if you really want to run a command locally and don’t want to maintain a bin script