Github pages no longer builds

I have a personal website built using Jekyll, hosted on Github Pages. My website is based on this theme.

Recently, my website is no longer getting built by Github Pages. I don’t see any error, but my website simply does not update. I am committing the changes to the master branch (which succeeds), and (I believe) the gh-pages branch is supposed to update automatically, which also fails.

Here is the repository, and you can see the website here. The change I am trying to make is to add a new entry to the “news + events” page, which in this theme is done by adding a new .md file in the folder _news, for example _news/ My most recent commits make this change on the master branch, but the gh-pages branch still says it was updated 7 months ago.

I would appreciate your help with this!

From your deployments page, it looks like you have Github-Pages setup to deploy the gh-pages branch. Any changes made on the master branch will be ignored.

Possible ways to proceed:

  • Merge master to gh-pages.
  • Switch the Github-Pages settings to build master instead of gh-pages.

Note that whichever path you choose, you’ll have to decide what to do with the most recent change to the gh-pages branch. It is an oddly huge commit which appears to delete most of the site’s source code and replace it with generated output (although it has some new content, like the CV page):

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You are right, Github pages is supposed to deploy the gh-pages branch. You’re also right that in my commit history there’s a commit that deletes most of the source code and replaces it with what’s there; that’s when I was switching to the current template.

The theme I am using (al-folio) is supposed to automatically transfer any changes from master to gh-pages. So the two branches are supposed to remain distinct. But now that you mention it, I think the mechanism by which the master branch gets built into the gh-pages branch is broken, and I need to update based on this merged pull request.

I’ll update you once I incorporate this pull request into my site.

I forgot the step where I was supposed to run a bash script to bring the changes of master into gh-pages! It’s working now, my bad :sweat_smile:


Great. If you wanted to emulate Github-Pages “commit-to-pulish” ability, you could setup a Github-Action to run your custom build and push the result to the gh-pages branch. Then commits to master would be automatically published.