How can I stop main.css being overwritten?

The problem I’m encountering is when I add a post to the site, my custom CSS reverts back to the minima main.css

My only change is to replace the main.css (minima) with my own custom CSS.

I’m stuck as to why the main.css is being overwritten. Here’s the link to the repo

UPDATE: I used the chrome inspector to deep dive into the CSS issue. The issue seems to be that it is applying the CSS from Library/Ruby/Gems/2.6.0/gems/minima-2.5.1/_sass/minima/_layout and not the main.css

Is there a way to get it to de-prioritise minima?

To customize/override Minima’s CSS, you can create the file assets/main.scss and override or replace Minima’s CSS. An example:

Thank you for the response. When I add @import “minima” to the main.scss file; this error comes up:

{ expected

Not sure what the error means. Double check that the file has the “scss” extension and front matter dashes at the top.

The customization directions: GitHub - jekyll/minima at 2.5-stable