Cannot edit minima css

I have my Github page build using jekyll. And I want to make some new css classes. So I made everything. And added a class RRRed that turns the H1 link red for quick look debug.
I tried to put the custom-styles.scss into _sass\minima So that the full path is _sass\minima\custom-styles.scss The source code is here

Nothing happenes

try renaming it to just custom.scss and see if that works. I think they may have changed the name between version.

The custom-styles.scss is a new feature of Minima 3.0, which hasn’t been released yet. Do not use the REAME docs on Minima’s master branch, because it is under development and can change at any moment. The current release of the Minima Gem is 2.5.1. Here are links to the Gem info and customization docs:

In Minima 2.5.1, you override styles by using an overriding copy of assets/main.scss:

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The moment is more than 2 years, correct? I assumed I was using a more current version but nothing worked. Then I noticed I am using 2.5.1 and followed your instructions for it and that works. So anyone in the future needs to check the version, don’t assume things have changed. The currently released version is still 2.5.1 and the README still describes the unreleased version.