Create help on how to use custom-styles.scss in Minima

Hello Everyone,

I’m attempting to override default Minima styles using suggested files (i.e. custom-styles.scss) with no success. Anything I add just doesn’t seem to be propagated to site styles.

I’ve seen a lot of questions on minima custom styling. I guess it would make sense to create a basic tutorial on how to properly customize Minima styles.

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I think there is a new version of minima? the last few questions like this I think were using a different version of minima than what the documentation was referencing.

So first step may be to figure out what version of minima you are using, and then see what the correct docs are.

I don’t use minima so I can’t help much. I’ll see if i can link to the post I am thinking of though.

this is it:


Thank you for the hint. Yes, I’m using the latest (i.e. 3.0) minima sources.

Thank you,