SCSS variables overwriting

as you probably know I’m working on my personal website. I’m using the default minima theme. But I customize it a bit. So I want to change the SCSS variable $brand-color that would be fine for my customized css but for things I haven’t touched it does not work. My page, assets/main.scss
It works here, the sidebar has background-color: $brand-color the links should also have color: $brand-color (if I looked at the correct file).

I believe you have to define the overriding SCSS variables before importing minima.scss. I.e.:

$brand-color: #62D15C;
@import "minima";

The theme’s SCSS variables are defined in minima.scss, but use !default to allow custom values if a variables is already defined. Thus custom values must be defined before importing the theme’s SCSS.

Thanks, I thought by seting it and than importing I would just overwrite it.

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