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In another post it was mentioned that one of the maintainers for Jekyll passed away, here is a link to a nice article about him:

I didn’t know him but frequently saw him helping people here, sorry to see he has passed away. In hindsight I wish I had said thanks to him for helping create and maintain Jekyll, I appreciate it.

So to anyone else who has helped maintain Jekyll in the past or present - Thanks! your work is appreciated though you may not hear that as often as you should!!


I had seen his name but never really looked at the history of the product. Unfortunately it is not until now I learned his importance. Very sad to hear and I will second your sentiment @rdyar!


Wait, a young (or maybe middle aged) healthy (presumably) person passed away in his sleep just like that, out of the blue, for no reason?! How can that be?!

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Thank you for the kind words. They mean a lot. In a world where open source maintainers often only see/hear complaints about their projects, the kind words mean so much more when we do see/hear them. <3


I’d like to chime in: THANK YOU!

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