What happened to talk.jekyllrb.com?

Hey everyone,

Jekyll Talk has grown into a phenomenal resource for the community to discuss, learn, and share about Jekyll. Hundreds of users poured their love for Jekyll into their interesting, thoughtful posts. This forum has been a remarkable thing to watch grow and transform into a vibrant community.

For 2 years, we have have run essentially uninterrupted due to the donations in time, expertise and money of Envygeeks and Forestry.io. They have provided an immensely valuable resource to our community, and for that we are very grateful. In particular, Jordon Bedwell (@envygeeks), has spent many hours making talk.jekyllrb.com fast and reliable. We are especially grateful for his dedication to providing a place for Jekyllers to meet and discuss.

You might have noticed a sizable outage of talk.jekyllrb.com this last week or so after nearly 2 excellent years of uptime. Unfortunately, due to a dispute with a third-party vendor, we believe all of our data has been lost. We are working to recover the data but we have no guarantees that is possible. We are very sorry that we let this happen and have put a plan in place to generate an off-site backup of the forum data every 24 hours to prevent this from happening again.

For now, we must rebuild. Based on the Twitter mentions I have seen over the last week or so, the plan to rebuild will be easy: simply unlock the doors and let the questions flood in! Thank you all for being so supportive of each other and for always being curious–your excitement and passion is unmatched in the static site generator world!

As always, Happy Jekylling!

  • @parkr & the Jekyll Core Team