Is this site really active?

Is this site really active or some other place is available for chat?

Well firstly I wouldn’t call a forum chat.

That being said, I’d say by this post having no responses in 11 days says that there’s unfortunately not a lot of activity here.

If you want chat, Jekyll has an IRC channel. You can find this and more on their Help Page.

I’d say it’s active enough, we have people asking questions sometimes and people answering those questions sometimes. Of course nobody here is paid to answer questions, and we’re not monitoring it 24/7, but it’s as good a place to ask Jekyll-related questions as any.

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Gitter or Slack or any other messaging tool is a good place, but the main problem is that all the conversation is mixed up.

We need a better place where the conversation is separated into different threads and it should be more personal.

Ditto what Olivia says - sure, I saw this post 11 days ago, but my desire is to help people figure out jekyll, and this didn’t really have a jekyll question so I didn’t post anything.

I see MM on here all the time answering questions, I try to do the same when I can. I don’t create very many topics as I don’t have very many questions, and I would guess there are multiple other people on here who are the same.

If I did have a jekyll question this is the first place I would ask it.

That said I do think that other Static Generators are giving Jekyll some pretty stiff competition, Jekyll has its place but I think some of the more advanced users move on to something else eventually.

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You are right? I think Gatsby is quite trendy right now.

Hey guys, I have recently joined on Spectrum and I have found it quite interesting, why don’t you try?

Jekyll is not Hugo, Gatsby, or anything else, and it’s not trying to be. We’re all open-source projects here, there’s no war between us. If some people move on from Jekyll, that’s fine! I think being a project that’s a stepping stone between very simple stuff and more advanced stuff is awesome.