Why's my login not working? (Re. data loss)


I got rather confused today when trying to log in with GH and being told ‘your username is available’, hang on… what? I was sure I had an account on this site already, even went into my emails to find notification messages and reference what address they were sent from. Eventually found the announcement post riiight down the bottom.

Anyway: It wasn’t obvious to me the site had been ‘reset’. Any chance of a banner on the login / register dialogues telling returning users that?


Edit: or perhaps pin the announce post.

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I could be wrong but I thought this topic was pinned. It was for me when I visited originally.

I see that the announce post has been pinned since this new instance was setup:

It may be a bit late for the banner, but I’ll look into it. In an ideal world it would only be shown to unauthenticated users, but I’m not sure Discourse is smart enough for that.

Yeah the post says it’s pinned but on the front page its found right down the bottom (after a few ‘pages’ have loaded in). Weird, perhaps only the last x number of pinned posts actually show at-the-top :confused:

@parkr It happened again?

I just wanted to write reply in Jekyll Showcase (Share your sites built with Jekyll or Share your Jekyll themes). But:

  1. Akismet found something in my reply :anguished: (I followed the format)
  2. now, my old login not working :sob: