Dropdown for different versions of site

Hi i have my website which is documentation for K8Guard,
I would like to have an option that there would be a Dropdown in the first page, that people would select which version of the doc they want and by default it would Latest.

so that way if someone wants to use an older version of the site they would toggle version 0.1.3 and they will see all the docs during that time.

my idea is to copy all the docs files in a folder with their version name. but is there a nice way to toggle the site for each folder that user selects? if I select V2.0.0. show me all the files in folder v200 if I choose v0.1.3 choose v013

I could imagine that if you meticulously tag your Git repository with documentation & Jekyll. Then during the build phase in Jekyll you should be able access the entire history of the repo and therefore can do pretty amazing things… Anyhow, sounds like some code has to be written…

Should be feasible to pull it off, no? :wink: