Compiling a documentation site with multiple products and menu hierarchy

Hi! I really like Jekyll and used in the past for several small projects.

Now I want to use it for a slightly larger project and wondering how to utilize Jekyll.

I want to create documentation for multiple products, each “product section” contains a hierarchy of pages, which would be displayed in a sidebar (in every relevant documentation page)

I basically want to let each team (which manages a single product), work on a git repository with an hierachy of pages related to their product. Then I will compile all the products to a single site.

AWS documentation is a great example for the kind of documentation website I’m trying to achieve.

I tried to implement it by liquid tags. It works, but it turns into an unmaintainable mess. Also, I would prefer to not write Ruby for a plugin, since my team doesn’t use it.

Any help with plugins, recommendations and such would be very welcome!


which part are you having problems with? pulling from different repos? not sure you can do that with liquid - I think I have seen something about people doing it somehow but that is not something I know anything about.

If you are looking for help with the sidebar/site, have you seen:

he actually works for amazon doing docs…