Want to build a readthedocs style site


I am creating a site where the content is divided into various “books”, within each book the sidebar needs to list the pages in that particular book, in the correct order, possibly with 2 or 3 levels of indentation (sections, subsections…).

Next/previous within each book would be a bonus.

I did a similar thing in Hugo, never quite got it exactly as I wanted. I wondered if there was an example anyone has made in Jekyll that I could crib from to make sure I am doing it in a sensible way? Or any hints.



not sure if this fits your needs but have you seen:



My classic-jekyll-theme does something like this. When disabling the drop-down menu it will create a vertical menu that displays the selected main menu (book title?), with sub items (chapters?) and subsub items (Sections?) in it.


Though the example site at the link has the drop-down enabled, thus does not show the vertical menu.

Even when you don’t like the theme, I think it can easily be used as an example that you can modify yourself in order to create a special book-content widget.