A plugin for course/book collection type

Is there a marketplace for jekyll? I want to ask a freelancer to develop a plugin for me. But I don’t know where.

There isn’t a Marketplace dedicated to Jekyll.
But…, what’s the plugin about?

My thoughts on this are not well organized yet. However I try to be as specific as I can.

I want to have a specific collection type named course or perhaps book.

Each course/book contains some chapters and each chapter contains some lessons.

I prefer to organize my course/book like this:

└── my_course
    └── course_cover.md
    └── chapter_1
        └── chapter_cover.md
        └── lesson_1
            └── lesson_doc.md
            └── lesson_video.mp3
            └── lesson_pic.jpg

        └── lesson_2

    └── chapter_2

When I organize my course, I would like it to be rendered like this course in the study.com website:

course_cover.md would render like this page. Its good to have some liquid attributes to make this page as we want. for example to be able to list chapters and lessons:

chapter_cover.md would render like this page. again it would be a good idea to have some liquid attribute options here to organize the page well.

and finally lesson_doc.md would render like this page. again with some liquid attributes.

K… I don’t see the need for a plugin here… Its possible to accomplish what you’re looking for by simply using well-crafted Liquid Templates, some javascript, and vanilla Jekyll

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The part that Im not sure about is to automatically get some information about the chapters and lessons inside the course. Most specifically, How can I list them with a liquid loop in course_cover.html ? Can you give me an Idea? :thinking:

I would suggest you look into how the site for the official documentation on Jekyll has been structured. Though its not entirely what you’re looking for, you can learn a lot about using existing features in vanilla Jekyll and Liquid in your templates.


Good advice and yes, there is a marketplace for Jekyll. See https://www.fiverr.com/coolweru/create-a-jekyll-blog-for-you

You can try Fiverr or Freelancer India. They have a lot of such freelancers.

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