Running two versions

I am developing a site – my first – where the template git commits talk about making it v3.0 safe. I installed v4.2 and have a number of fails that I have outlined in another post. I have made two separate git branches for this purpose of transitioning the template to a form that will work with Jekyll latest, and have received good guidance here on how to proceed.

So I need to be running two versions as I have to actually get the website up in a short period of time:

  • a safe version (it should work out of the box)
  • a dev version (latest, so I can debug the template)

So what is best practice? Do I just need two different Gemfiles in the two branches (running the relevant bundle commands)?

Also I am not sure where in the development cycle things broke, so am unsure which version to try. Looking through the release history, the latest in the 3.0 series is 3.0.5, so that would seem to be the safest option, from a “it should just work” point of view. Without trawling through several years of changelogs the other candidate would seem to be 3.9.0, the latest in the 3.x series.

Guidance would be appreciated.

Yes, in general, each independent site should have its own Gemfile which specifies the Jekyll version to use.

Thank you. Now I just need to choose which version…

If you’re planning to host the site with Github-Pages, then you’ll need to use Jekyll 3.9, since that is the version Github-Pages uses (the Gemfile is ignored)

I am not using GitHub pages, I use Feneas GitLab. That is worth knowing though.

3.9.1 seems to be working fine :+1: