Feature Request: Docs page should allow specifying version

With github-pages still on 3.6.2, it’d be nice to be able to specify on the docs page whether or not the user is interested in 3.6.2 docs or 3.7.2 docs. Other docs pages like Rails’ allows you to do this.

Anyway, just a suggestion. It would be nice! :slight_smile:


Have you tried using jekyll-docs gem? We generate a snapshot of the website when we release a new version and allow you to browse and older version of the docs offline.

For instance if you want to browse our docs at v3.6.2:

gem install jekyll-docs -v
# make sure you're not in a jekyll source directory
jekyll docs _3.6.2_

We also now display a little version badge to specify when a feature has been introduced in the docs.

For now the best way to see what’s change between versions is to read the CHANGELOG