Cannot start/preview a website

I’ve successfully installed ruby and gem files on my M2 Mac (I think). But every time I try to create a new website or any website really, I run into the following default error - that there is no module for the namespace math… would appreciate any help on why this exists and how to go about solving it!:

it looks like you are using the math SASS library? I don’t even know what that is but that is what seems to be causing the error.

Where did you get the css / theme? did you write it? kinda looks like it is minima? but it is saying line 40 is using math.div but it doesn’t know what it is. Can you remove that line and try again?

also, please post the full text of the error when you post an issue rather than a screenshot. People probably will want to copy parts of it to google it and you can’t do that with a screen shot. You can wrap the code in a code block (triple back tics on top and bottom of the text like ``` will format it kinda nice.

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For us to be able to help you, we need :

  1. The code that produces this error or at the very least a minimal reproducible example
  2. The error as text we can copy-paste from, not as a screenshot I need to zoom in to be able to read anything on mobile