Sass not compiling

I’ve looked through all the existing Sass compilation help tabs, but nothing seems to be working for me. It seems like I’m doing everything by the book and yet my override sass is just not getting compiled either locally or on my github pages site. It’s set up with a custom domain at

Following the minima theme’s directions for overriding css:

  1. Create a new file main.scss at /assets/
  2. Add the frontmatter dashes, and
  3. Add @import “minima”;, to /assets/main.scss
  4. Add your custom CSS.

I feel like I’m losing my mind here!

I think I saw something like that recently and I think it had to do with an extra space before the front matter - I see you have an extra line before the first — try removing that.

Haha, wow, so simple - that was it! Thanks a ton rdyar - now that you mention that I did see that in another thread, but at that point my head was spinning enough that I didn’t connect the dots.