Why do my posts keep getting removed by akismet?

Ive tied twice to post about a technical problem Im having with Jekyll / liquid, but the posts keep getting assigned to spam???

Please advise asap as I need some help from Jekyll experienced devs.

my post contains code about a problem with repeating image thumbs from the script at dmfarrell simple gallery github. They only repeat twice. I have a post on the reddit jekyll forum with the details. Cannot add links as will be thrown into spam again. Anyone who is familiar with that simple gallery method for github pages sites might be able to help.

the forum has strict security when you first start posting, then it relaxes a bit after you have made some posts. I don’t have any idea what the actual red lines are though links are one of them I think. You can reply to this with a generic response and that might get you a bit of cred?

Feel free to send me your problem in a PM.

@rdyar these were not my first posts. I posted a while back about creating categories and tags and that went through fine.

@ jhvanderschee Thanks for your offer But I solved it!


In case this is useful to others trying to make simple galleries without plugins for Github Pages sites:

I was using the Damien Farrell (dmfarrell) simple gallery method, similar to waywardMark. I kept getting 2 versions of each thumbnail and could not trace the issue. I solved it only by replacing his liquid code with this code:

 {% for file in site.static_files %}
    {% if file.path contains include.folder and file.path contains site.imagesurl %}

image path link and img src code

{% endif %} 
    {% endfor %}

Im still using imagesurl and thumbsurl link info in config.yml as indicated in those earlier tutorials.

Im pretty sure I can add another if statemnt to define file types but it doesnt really need that imo.