Jekyll photo gallery - Blank thumbnails

I am using Jekyll 4.2.2 and the Clean Blog theme. I plan to use GitHub Pages for hosting.

I would like to add an Image Gallery into a post. I have followed the instructions listed here:

  • Download the file image-gallery.html
  • Save the file in the ‘_includes’ directory of your project
  • Add the following line to your layout on the place where you want the image gallery to appear:
{% include image-gallery.html folder="/uploads/album" %}

However the end result is the following:

The links are actually working, but blank thumbnails are displayed. How can I solve this issue? Thanks!

you probably need a baseurl? do you have a link to the live site and your repo?

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Can you share the URL of the broken image? Note that it is supposed to be broken on localhost… as it is using an image resize proxy. It would be scary if the proxy could access your local drive.

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I am still running locally, and I didn’t know that it is supposed to be broken on localhost. I think this solves the issue. Thanks a lot!