Jekyll photo gallery

Hello there everyone.

I’m trying to get a photo gallery going for my website.

What are current recommended ways of implementing this?


You might also want to look at the image gallery on


I build a image Gallery with isotope and lightgallery on a minimal mistakes theme at: My Gallery and the source is in my repository at:DWB Repo. Been using Jekyll and minimal mistakes since March 2018 so I am no expert. Got away from ASP.Net everything thanks to Michael Rose and his excellent tutorials.

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As i am hands now with…
Last but not least… , and in order to challenge myself i post it here :wink:
i’m gonna give Jimmy Xiao’s way a chance

it claims to

(given a) file path, name, and caption …[…] . Today, I’m going to show you how to configure jekyll to use all files in a folder that’s passed in as an argument. Once it’s set up, all you need to do to create a new album is create a folder, throw your pictures in, and then:

{% include album.html albumname="myAlbumName" %}

here we go… :small_airplane:…got it up and running on top of @MichaelCurrin 's Jekyll Blog Demo (had just a minor issue tweaking the baseurl: " " , watch your step on … )

PS: someone already tried it … around here @888ba8

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