Jekyll photo gallery

Hello there everyone.

I’m trying to get a photo gallery going for my website.

What are current recommended ways of implementing this?

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You might also want to look at the image gallery on


I build a image Gallery with isotope and lightgallery on a minimal mistakes theme at: My Gallery and the source is in my repository at:DWB Repo. Been using Jekyll and minimal mistakes since March 2018 so I am no expert. Got away from ASP.Net everything thanks to Michael Rose and his excellent tutorials.

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As i am hands now with…
Last but not least… , and in order to challenge myself i post it here :wink:
i’m gonna give Jimmy Xiao’s way a chance

it claims to

(given a) file path, name, and caption …[…] . Today, I’m going to show you how to configure jekyll to use all files in a folder that’s passed in as an argument. Once it’s set up, all you need to do to create a new album is create a folder, throw your pictures in, and then:

{% include album.html albumname="myAlbumName" %}

here we go… :small_airplane:…got it up and running on top of @MichaelCurrin 's Jekyll Blog Demo (had just a minor issue tweaking the baseurl: " " , watch your step on … )

PS: someone already tried it … around here @888ba8

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Thanks the plugin looks great. It would be worth adding a screenshot of the title view and the large image view to the top of the readme to preview what it does.

Also having the URL field on the repo point to the repo itself doesn’t add any value so that should go to the foto demo or some other demo page or to the RubyGems page.

Thanks for the tips - it’s a bit hard to give generic examples as the gallery needs layouts working with the template AND the gallery data.

You can see an example of cheesy-gallery being used on [my partner’s site]( Garten Neuigkeiten/) and the _layouts for that on github.

I’ve also updated the link to point to rubygems and disabled the unused Packages and Environments sections on github.

I’ve also just released a new version that has massive cache improvements and has no additional impact on render time anymore if the cache is hot.

Spaces in URLs are bad as you can see from your broken pasted link. I have some tips to fix that

It can be fixed with %20 here but that doesn’t solve the problem of copying and pasting from the browser for the next time you copy.

The web standard is hyphens

These are easy to read and safe to paste

You can use underscore, but… for SEO reasons you should not. Google understands contact-us as two words but sees contact_us as contactus for understanding keywords

Also lowercase is the standard as in my examples