Using collections to make a photo archive from files

Hi! I’m trying to get all my content out of lobster-trap commercial services and into my jekyll site, and the final frontier for me is what to do with my tumblr and flickr image archives.

I’d love to be able to have jekyll loop through an image directory and build big paginated masonry-layout photo pages. I’ve kind of already done a thing where I step through files and turn them into inline images on a page. What’s missing is how to scale that to 100’s of pictures, which would require some pagination.

Pagination is always kind of hard for me in jekyll for things other than posts? I know that the general idea is to use collections, but doesn’t that require making individual markdown files for each item? If I have to create files for each picture it’ll never get done. Even having to make separate thumbnails is going to be a chore but at least I can probably automate that with something. I really want to just put all my images in a folder and build.

Has anyone done something like this & do you have pointers?

rather than paging have you tried infinite scroll/lazy loading the images?

I’ve done that with data files and created a gallery of sorts that way. But you might be able to do the same thing just off a folder of images.

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That’s actually a pretty good idea. Maybe a lazy load with a filtering text input…

…especially since pagination really only makes sense with time-ordered items like posts.