Newbie. Need help adding thumbnail to each post

So I have built this little blog here and I want to put images next to each post like this. Except I was going to put them on the right and align the excerpt in a way that it stops right before the image and makes a newline if it needs to (so it wouldnt touch the image and look ugly).

The problem is I’m new to jekyll (like, started yesterday) and I have a time limit because college returns soon and I study a completely unrelated subject lol.

Can anyone help me out? You can access the site in the repo’s readme (I was going to link it but I have a 2 link limit)

Thanks in advance!

this isn’t a jekyll thing it is CSS you need to figure out. You can use the other sites css if you can figure it out. The best way to see what that site is doing is by using the Inspector in Chrome - right click on the thumbnail and chose Inspect and it should show you what styles it is using.

It would take me a fair amount of time to sort it all out.

Seeing as that is an actual theme of some sort have you tried using it?