Learn how to add featured images to your posts

As I started building my blog, I realized it would be really nice to have a featured image that appears above my blog post. The image gets a reader’s attention and sets the tone for the content they will read. In this 2-part video series, I show you how to do that using the standard minima site Jekyll ships with. You can take these ideas and concepts and add them to your site.

I am an occasional developer, so if you have any insights on how to improve, please feel free to offer your constructive comments. On my actual website, you will see I created a shared component that can be reused throughout the site. If you are interested in learning how to do that, let me know in the comments.

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Part 1: Add a featured image to your posts

Part 2: Add featured images to the list of posts (blog roll, posts reel)

Here is the GitHub repo you can clone to get the free-to-use code.

Here is the working site you can view live on GitHub Pages.

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