Whats this about - again?

Again, every single time when I try to run, update or keep Jekyll and it’s components up to date I run into some kind of troubles about dependency that don’t play nice together and whatnot.

Sorry, but I’m kinda disappointed about the entire Jekyll Static Site generation. I expected it to be cool and advanced, only use the Terminal to create a project, start and stop the server… Instead I have only fought with my Terminal about almost anything.

Bundler is your friend. It solves a lot of dependency conflicts when you have multiple versions installed.

  1. Use a Gemfile
  2. Prepend all Jekyll commands with bundle exec
  3. Profit

have you followed the basic installation guidelines? e.g.


prepending bundle exec to jekyll serve should resolve most conflicts. otherwise you may be running an outdated jekyll version - can you post your Gemfile?

There is a bit of learning curve but you will get through. When I’m bootstrapping my Jekyll instances (on my laptop) I do these things:

cd <site folder>
bundle install
jekyll serve --verbose --trace

or as @liv and @mmistakes have suggested:

cd <site folder>
bundle install
bundle exec jekyll serve --verbose --trace

Additional parameters, such as --trace and --verbose are very helpful to troubleshoot either Markdown’s quirks or Jekyll’s internal problems (if any).

Hope that helps! :blush: