Want to get paid to help a Decentralized Autonomous Community build a site?

Hey all!

We’re looking for an experienced Jekyll user to help us rebuild https://eosdac.io as a static site (it’s currently on wordpress). We’re a Decentralized Autonomous Community and have a worker proposal system so you can get paid in EOS cryptocurrency (or traditional fiat) for your work! As a DAC, we have a full blockchain governance system and client you can see here: members . eosdac . io/votecustodians A static site will help us manage site changes in a decentralized way via approvals on pull requests.

We have devs on the team already, but they are currently busy on other projects. We’d like someone with Jekyll experience to get the site laid out correctly for us. We’ll need multilingual support as well (looking at proper-multilingual-site-with-github-pages-and-jekyll ).

We already have mockups built out:

The text is being refined and organized. We’re going to use a Material Design for Bootstrap design and we have a style guide in place: eosdac . io/styleguide/

Who’s interested?

Please reach out to me our join our discord channel here and say hello in the #worker-proposals channel: http://discord.io/eosdac