Video: Run GitHub Pages in a Jekyll container, take 2 (WIP)

Hello All,

This [currently unlisted] video describes how to run GitHub Pages (Jekyll, but only GitHub Pages) in a Docker container. I would appreciate it if anyone is willing to review the video and provide feedback!

Last year, I created a similar video using a lightweight version of Linux, but it did not work for long because many OS dependencies were removed for some reason. I also received a lot of requests to help with overriding themes, rebuilding the site, and much more, so I added all that feedback to create this new video. However, I have been staring at it for too long so hopefully, if someone can donate a little time for a review, I would be very grateful.

wowsers! that is a long video!

I skimmed some of it, nice work. I have a love hate relationship with long videos like this - if it is a complex topic that is all related then I like it. I’ve certainly watched coding vids much longer than this. But I like the shorter ones better and then have them be in a series. Since you are going over multiple things that aren’t all that related I think a series of shorter vids would get more traction and then some of the things that could be stand alone would be more discoverable.

The bit about overriding/making it not a gem based theme should be a stand alone video for sure.

Have you looked at Gitpod? you can accomplish the same thing more or less in what I think is a simpler manner and it doesn’t involve installing anything on your computer. Everything runs in a container in the cloud instead of a container in docker on your computer. I’ve done it as a test on one jekyll site and am using it on a production website using NextJS. At first I wasn’t all that impressed but now I dig it.

Thank you for the feedback! I should have clarified that this will be multiple videos. One will be the intro with prerequisites and how to get it set up. Then all those other sections will be one or many videos. You are right that those later pieces should be there own videos (overriding themes, etc)

Gitpod has been brought up before and I play with it every six months or so and the service is very unpredictable and frequently crashes on me. I think they optimize for nodejs since that’s like 70% of what the kids are using right now :slight_smile: