New video: Develop GitHub Pages (Jekyll) using Docker

Earlier this year, I shared an update to a previous video demonstrating how to run GitHub Pages (Jekyll) in a Docker container. I am pleased to announce the final, published version. Some of you gave me great feedback. I updated what I could, and thank you very much!

The benefits of using Docker are you do not have to install Ruby, Jekyll, and all those dependencies on your computer. Instead, you run them in an Ubuntu Linux container (think of it as a sort of template containing all the things you need to run a new GitHub Pages/Jekyll site).

The video

What you will learn

:white_check_mark: About GitHub Pages and Jekyll

:white_check_mark: About Docker

:white_check_mark: How to build a Docker Image (template) to build any GitHub Pages website

:white_check_mark: How to override themes

:white_check_mark: How to fork an existing GitHub Pages website into a Docker container

:tada: Much more!


P.S. My old video using Alpine Linux is no longer listed on my YouTube channel, but it is still available to watch if you link to it for other people. I renamed it to β€œOLD” in the title and provided a link to the new video in the description.

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Hey Bill. Which are the advantage of use docker in Jekyll? I’m learning and don’t know much about it

I explain it in depth at the beginning of the video, but the idea in more detail. They basic idea is you can install Ruby, Jekyll, and all dependencies in a container so you do not need to install it on your computer.

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