- cloud dev environment

anyone using with jekyll?

it is kind of amazing. I had a little trouble at first but it looks like all I needed was a gitpod.yml file and a Dockerfile in the root and then told it to do a prebuild. Now I can visit a url to a VSCode instance in the browser and jekyll is already installed and I can do some edits and see a preview just like if I had it running locally.

So far the only thing not working is live reload.

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this repo is setup for gitpod and has a link to open it up if you already have gitpod setup as an app in GH (I think).

If it works when you click the gitpod link it will spin up a dev environment and install everything it needs to run it and you can open the running site in another browser tab.

I used the .gitpod.yml and Dockerfile from that repo and added it to mine to see if it would work and it did.

Not sure how much I like it, it is neat but seems a little slow to get going initially - though once I have a workspace going it is nice and quick.

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