Unable to find navigation.htm

HI , I am new jekyll, i am using jekyll from three days
So i need to add jekyll-seo-tag and jekyll-sitemap ,
I have gone through the Jekyll Tutorial here https://jekyllrb.com/docs/step-by-step/10-deployment/#plugins
first i added to gem file , then _config.yml now in third step it told me to add
{% include navigation.html %} i have literraly done that ,but i have not any navigation.html in _includes , so it give me this error
Liquid Exception: Could not locate the included file ‘navigation.html’ in any of [“C:/Users/Rahul/iroblack/_includes”, “C:/Ruby27-x64/lib/ruby/gems/2.7.0/gems/minima-2.5.1/_includes”]. Ensure it exists in one of those directories and, if it is a symlink, does not point outside your site source. in /_layouts/default_custom.html

Now i am unable to understand what to do

I think that was probably already there - you don’t need to add it - the part they added is:

 {% feed_meta %}
    {% seo %}

in the head section.

If you are using a different theme/layout then yours could look a lot different than the example.

You must create navigation file in includes directory. Its covered in step 5 so go back and make sure you cover all steps.