Trying to convert HTML theme, includes failing


I have watched some videos on cloudcannon, read the jekyll documents, and watched some other vides on Youtube.

I think I have the structure down properly, but am still running into issues around a few things:

FontAwesome Not Loading Fonts (this is part of the head-asset.html)
_includes/head-asset.html file not loading with an include
_includes/footer-asset.html file not loading with an include

What happens when I do add {% include head-asset.html %} or {% include footer-asset.html } and remove the actual HTML in the index.html file is that the page just sits there with a spinning wheel as part of the “preload” attempts to load the javascript and css from the original theme.

Are there more granular step by step instructions on converting HTML themes (from markets like Themeforest/Envio) into Jekyll? Even if it is by hand. Or what is the best way to troubleshoot/diagnose such issues, as if I look at the log output from jekyll serve there is not any useful information, and if I run troubleshooting tools inside (such as FontAwesome Conflict tool) they say there is no conflict at all.

Really appreciate any guidance moving forward!

Use this for verbose errors

jekyll serve --trace

And --verbose for verbose logging in general.

Please share a link to your project.

Use a project like this that I made from the tutorial.

It has limited styling and does not use a theme gem. You can easily make a new project from this template and replace the layouts with content from an existing folder of static HTML that you want to turn into a Jekyll site. Add any includes files you need like head.html, analytics.html or gallery.html.

Delete or rename the pages.

You can add CSS as external content in the head tag or as CSS files on the repo.

Hey Michal,

I ended up starting from scratch, and that allowed the theme to work. Probably for the best, as if something was that wrong… I didn’t want to mess with it. I might have future questions though. The theme (in raw form - not my repo) is here.