Trouble configuring Minima Dark Theme

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[2022-02-20 16:07:39] ERROR /assets/main.css' not found. [2022-02-20 16:07:39] ERROR /favicon.ico’ not found.
[2022-02-20 16:07:43] ERROR `/assets/main.css’ not found.

^This is an error I keep getting. I followed this guide ditto.

The files are not there on the mentioned path.
Eg. main.css is not in /assets/main.css

Make sure to match on the correct Minima version.

The last one tagged on GitHub and downloaded when you install it or on GH Pages does not include dark mode and also has its assets in different location.

On 2.5.1 using assets/main.scss

On master using assets/css/styles.scss

So if you want dark mode, you need to follow the instructions to configured based on docs on master, install the gem by github URL from master, and use assets/css/styles.scss

Sample Gemfile to install from GitHub.

source ""

gem "minima", git: ""

Lock with something like or