Theme Minimal Mistakes: Best Seo for the Blog

First of all, thanks for all. By the work done by the people who administer the forum as the creator of the minimum errors template: Michael Rose.

That said, I would like to open a thread to discuss the topic of SEO. And hopefully more people can throw related problems so that together we can improve different aspects.

I have just read some slightly old publications within the project code in Github. And I have been able to verify that the metados work perfectly. In MetaTags I cant testing it.

The example, this publication:
Gives the following result:

But I would like to work on improving SEO a bit. Within my possibilities… For example.

I have noticed that my frontpage reflects a small error. Of Type not specified in the Search Structured data Tool.

(It appears in Spanish: @type: unspecified type)

Is it possible that it derives from the fact that I have created a “custom” index.html? Should I create structured data and could I add it to the html without having a problem?

And also here languages page I have used the same creation structure. It seems that when it comes to checking the data structures.

Due to the code disaster I generated; He does not recognize anything.

How could I create structured data, indicating that each image is a link to an important page?
And each button, the same.

  • Metadata works perfectly in both cases.

I hope my English is quite correct. My apologies if not. And a thousand thanks for everything. I will continue investigating seo techniques soon… S2