Theme for release notes management

I’d like to publish (on a continual basis) release notes for a software and was hoping to get them looking like the following, is there some themes I should look into that resemble these

Thank you

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Can you be specific on what you’re looking for?

If you can’t find a theme that looks exactly like that, what are your requirements? You could have a look at Jekyll themes linked on the Jekyll docs under resources. And adapt one that looks closest.

I use the Just The Docs theme for this site.

You could update the sidebar to use a for loop over your release note files, however you structure them. And you can add a navbar to the top. Both of those are not specific to the releases style so you’ll be able to piece it together on a theme had has the right colors and feel.

You can also inspect the CSS and HTML on the site linked to use the code you need.

Sorry I’ve never seen a release note theme before but thought docs site would be closest.

Think of release notes as sorted (by date or release number) and all in a folder or multiple folders and how to display those a page, even without any theme and CSS. Then when you pick a theme you’ll already know how you store your content and want to display it and can add a theme on top