Implementing a changelog

I am remaking my site with Jekyll. On my site, I host my apps. On the page for the app, I have a changelog. Right now, they are a series of hard coded unordered lists. They are in the following format:

Version number

  • Change 1
  • Change 2
  • Change 3

My question is, how can I implement a changelog using Jekyll? Can I use a collection for this? If so, how? I’d rather not have to make a new hardcoded unordered list list every time I update my app if there is a better way.

I use GH issues for this, and then some JS on the changelog page of my website.

The JS pulls in the GH API feed for a specific label and displays them. This way all I have to do is make an issue in GH with the changelog label and it automagically appears on the websites changelog page.

It was pretty easy to do, even used a JS library to convert the feed which I think is markdown into html.

Here is that site - both the changelog and the Issues pages use the same idea but with a slightly different layout.

For ideas how to do that, I would suggest you to look at Edition template by CloudCannon ( Very simple, easy to use & understand… Also, if you need more insights how it is run live, check out CloudCannon’s documentation on GitHub (

Folks at CloudCannon deserve a lot of credit for putting together such fine Jekyll template in open-source domain! :tada:

Hope you will find it useful.